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How To Lose Weight Fast – Weight Loss Pills – Alli Diet Pills

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Alli is a product that most people think is a nutritional supplement but the fact is Alli is not a nutritional supplement and it is a drug. This product would enter the market a couple years ago, it so pretty new to the market, and I will get into a little bit more of the specifics on what the product does in your system but I just want to do a little example to show you that it is a drug and it is not a nutritional supplement. When we crack open one of these capsules here, I will show you kind of what’s inside the product. When you dump that out in your hand, you have time released powder, it is white. And so, that is one of the reasons why you know that it is a drug. It is time released and you have little pellets that are here. Now what Alli does in your body is it actually prevents your body from metabolizing your foods efficiently especially fats. So what ends up happening and if you ever read on the back of the bottle, it actually tells you that it causes lose tools, which is basically is diarrhea. Basically, the product is very similar to taking __1:39__ pill. It is basically, it is not healthy. It is basically you know, preventing your body from metabolizing your foods correctly. I do not recommend Alli product at all but the next product I want to present to you guys, which I believe is the number one weight loss/appetite suppressant product in the market is Thermolene. And what makes Thermolene so effective is number one, it is a natural product. They used which is a natural caffeine. They used Yohimbe which is standardized to Yohimbine and in will explain that, and add a little more detail on the second.

These three ingredients at this point are your best ingredients for losing weight quickly, body fat quickly, and also suppressing appetite in giving you really amped up amounts of energy to get you through your workouts and get you through your day. Yohimbe is an African tree bark and a lot of products out there have Yohimbe in them. But which you have to be very careful about is the purity of Yohimbe in them and the reason why I say that is there’s 32 Yohimbine which are inactive alkaloids that are in the Yohimbe plant and there is only one Yohimbine. And Yohimbine is the only part of the plant that is actually clinically proven to increase energy levels, increase blood flow, and reduce body fat. And this product is triple tested for purity and that is one of the reasons why the product actually works. So you have to be very careful when choosing a high quality Yohimbe product. There is not very many out there. The second ingredient that I want to talk about in more detail is the actually increases your overall body temperature which in turn increases your body’s ability to burn fat throughout the day. So more energy you know, you are able to suppress appetite and burn more body fat. My pick for the number one weight loss/appetite suppressant on the market is Thermolene.

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